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KSRE Tuesday Letter

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K-State Research and Extension
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Tuesday Letter is a weekly email to approximately 2,500 faculty and staff of K-State Research and Extension and the College of Agriculture, providing recipients with timely announcements and updates.

From the Associate Director for Extension and Applied Research

Evaluation... What can we learn?
Are we willing to ask the critical questions that can lead to improved programming and greater outcomes/impacts?

Local, Regional and Statewide Extension Events

Mark College and Career Day, Thursday, April 20, 2017 at Dodge City Community College
The Center for Engagement and Community Development at Kansas State University has been supporting 4-H Youth Development on a statewide initiative to expose under-represented youth and families to a college experience.

Extension Professional Trainings

2017 KAE4-HA Spring Development Conference Registration Open
The 2017 4-H Spring Development Conference - “4-H Rocks” is being sponsored by the Kansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents, April 19-20, 2017 in Oakley, KS.
Agents Report Using Strategies Learned at PDC Workshop
In the recent PDC Survey, 86% of the agents who attended the 2015 workshop reported using a new strategy in working with their PDCs.

Program Updates

2017 4-H FCS State Judging Contest
Preparations are underway for this year's 4-H FCS Judging Contest. The contest will be held on Saturday, September 16, in the Encampment Building at Kansas State Fair. Details about the contest follow below.

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