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Action Plans, Impact/Outcome Reporting Contact(s): Rick Peterson / Laurie Chandler This system guides Extension Faculty through the process of writing an action plan using the Logic Model framework. Any individual or team may enter an action plan into this system. Once in the system, action plans may be modified at any time, but will be on the individual faculty member's or team member's action plan home page to report against until they are removed by the faculty member or team. All action plans entered into the system may be viewed by anyone in KSRE. This system will soon be directly connected to the Reporting System. Action plans can be printed from the system to include in annual performance reviews or other documents.
Quarterly Effort Reports Contact(s): Rick Peterson / Laurie Chandler This system is where Extension Agents will go to report impact, success stories and contacts of their action plans quarterly and impact/outcome annually. Extension Specialists and Agents will use this system to report effort and contacts quarterly and impact/outcome annually. This system will soon be connected directly to the Action Plan System. Reports may be printed directly from this system for use at board meetings, in annual performance reviews or other documents.
Professional Development Contact(s): Laurie Chandler / Rick Peterson This is an on-line catalog of professional development opportunities for Extension Faculty. Anyone in KSRE may enter an opportunity into the system, but Program Focus Teams are specifically tasked with identifying and entering things that relate to their subject matter area. Opportunities related to the other Extension Core Competencies are also entered into the system. Any opportunities that include a date, will automatically be entered into the Master Calendar System. Agents and Specialists may identify and indicate in this system the opportunities in which they would like to participate and these will be listed on the individual's professional development home page. A list of potential attendees at any professional development event will be available for event planning purposes through this system. Agents are able to develop a professional development plan directly from this system. This plan can be printed and will contain signature blocks for agents and supervisors to sign so that it can become a part of the annual performance materials for agents.
Agent Performance Review Contact: Area Directors Agents are able to prepare their materials for the annual performance review from this system. This system is linked to the action plan, reporting, and professional development systems, all of which contain information that should be a part the performance review documentation for agents. Agents will need to be sure that they have their current year and next year action plans, current year impact/outcome reports, and next year's professional development plans completed prior to completing their performance review. The performance document will be submitted electronically in this system so that the Agent's supervisor(s) can view and make comments.

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